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We are a group of four friends who all play in Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, who one day decided to form a string quartet and make music together. We heard that "Skylight City" was going to be one of the first names for Flagstaff. Since we all four live in Flagstaff and because we all four love this city, we decided to pay homage to the city in the name we chose for ourselves.

When we were dreaming up the idea for our string quartet, something we all realized is that many Flagstaff weddings miss out on having a live string quartet play. There's just something about a live string quartet that adds a little extra magic to weddings. A string quartet can create a great mood. It's more intimate than a large symphony orchestra. The sound has more body and we are able to create more harmonies than one solo instrument playing. Also, there will never be any technology issues because our instruments do not need to be hooked up to microphones, amps, or speakers. We just tune up and then we can play for hours.

All four of us have eclectic tastes in music and open-minds. We love classical music, but we also love to play a wide range of music beyond the classical realm. We love pop music, oldies, jazz, bluegrass, and classical. When booking us for gigs, please don't hesitate to make an "odd" song request. We would love to find or write an arrangement to help bring your favorite songs to life! It also helps us expand our repertoire. New songs are always fun to play!

Go ahead and add us as a friend on Facebook or follow our Instagram page:

Facebook - Skylight-City String Quartet

Instagram - skylightcitystringquartet

Thanks for stopping by! We are looking forward to sharing our music with you! :)


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