100 Days of Practice!

Hi everyone!

The Skylight City String Quartet is going to embark on a 100 Days of Practice challenge starting on Friday, August 4! The 100 Days of Practice challenge will be made up of 100 consecutive days of practice, which will be documented day-by-day through short videos we'll upload to our Instagram account: skylightcitystringquartet

Since our quartet cannot meet 100 days in a row to rehearse together (I wish we could!), we are going to include videos of our own personal practice to show our development and growth as musicians over the next 100 days. Whenever we have quartet rehearsals, we will take a video playing together to show our progress as a group.

What will these videos be like? Can you expect to see Soohyun showing off every single Paganini Caprice up to tempo? Will you hear Travis playing each Bach cello suite in front of an awestruck audience? Will you see Rachel playing the full Tchaikovsky concerto memorized with an orchestra? Will you see me performing the Bartok Viola Concerto? Maybe....but probably not!

Our practice videos will be a short glimpse into how each of us practice each day. Our videos will include scale work, etudes, quartet music, orchestra excerpts, and our own solo repertoire. Our videos will most likely include some of our mistakes, too. These videos aren't going to be masterful works of art. But we are excited to see where this 100 days of practice challenge will take each of us as individual players and as a quartet!

Follow along starting on Friday, August 4! And check out all the other dedicated musicians who are also participating in this challenge on Instagram, too :)

IG: skylightcitystringquartet



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